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make fun of his badluck and promote

BEIJING Cheap Carlos Santana Jersey , April 27 (Xinhua) -- Today's cell phone scammers are sowily that even tech tycoons risk being taken in.

Lei Jun, the billionaire chairman and CEO of Chinese smartphonemaker Xiaomi, took to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo onTuesday to complain that he was "almost tricked" by a phishing textmessage.

His post showed screenshots of phishing messages he receivedover the past month. Phishing scams are designed to deceive arecipient into handing over sensitive information, usually byimpersonating a legitimate business.

"Text message scams are so rampant. I just received another one.Everybody be careful!" Lei wrote.

"Dear customer Cheap Cody Allen Jersey , your mobile banking service will expiretomorrow. Please log on to [the site] for verification," said amessage sent on Tuesday.

Lei has more than 13 million Weibo followers, and his previousposts focused on Xiaomi and other tech news. The rare complaintfrom a tech celebrity about the widespread scams has drawnthousands of replies and "likes" from social media users.

"I have a friend who was cheated out of 200,000 yuan (30 Cheap Abraham Almonte Jersey ,800U.S. dollars)," one Weibo user wrote.

Others asked whether the IT mogul could do anything to stop thefraudulent messages.

"Mr. Lei, can you make a smartphone that can detect all thesescams?" microblogger "C Luoxuan" asked.

Lei's tech peers used the opportunity to make fun of his badluck and promote their own brands.

"When it comes to detecting phishing messages, 360 is theexpert. Mr. Lei should communicate with us more often Cheap Danny Salazar Jersey ," wrote ZhouHongyi, chairman of Qihoo 360, an Internet security company knownfor its antivirus software.

"I suggest you switch to Huawei smartphones, and these scamswon't bother you any more Cheap Tyler Naquin Jersey ," said product manager Li Xiaolong fromHuawei Technologies, one of Xiaomi's rival phone makers.

Phishing text messages and phone scams have long plagued Chinesesmartphone users. They continue to swindle billions of yuan fromvictims every year.

In a recent case, 62 people were arrested for cheating mobilephone users out of 117 million yuan in southwest China's GuizhouProvince. It is believed to be the biggest telecom fraud case Chinahas ever seen. Enditem

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