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SYDNEY Jabrill Peppers Jersey , Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) , the nation's largest bank, on Wednesday announced its statutory net profit after tax for the half year ended December 2013 rose 16 percent to 4.21 billion AU dollars (3.81 billion U.S. dollars).

CBA's cash profit for the six months rose 14 percent to 4.27 billion AU dollars (3.86 billion U.S. dollars), compared to the same period in the previous year.

The bank said its revenue increased 8 percent in the half year in the subdued market conditions while group cost to income ratio improved 90 basis points to 42.9 percent due to productivity improvements.

Commonwealth Bank Chief Executive Officer Ian Narev said the strong result again showed the benefits of CBA's long term strategy to focus on people Myles Garrett Jersey , technology and productivity.

"We have strengthened our focus on enhancing the financial well- being of our customers and have used our leading technology platform to deliver innovative products and services to business and personal customers," he said in a statement.

"Our on-going productivity initiatives have helped us maintain our expense discipline and, at the same time, deliver revenue growth."

Narev said the bank remains cautious in its outlook for the global and domestic economies in the 2014 calendar year.

"We have seen Nick Chubb Jersey , in recent weeks, that there is still volatility in global markets," Narev said.

"The risks presented by that volatility continue to suppress business confidence."

He said there was little evidence of a meaningful increase in investment in the rest of the non-resource sector of the Australian economy, other than in housing.

"So all in all Austin Corbett Jersey , we continue to assume that any improvements in economic activity in the next year will be gradual rather than dramatic," Narev said.

Evidence Dependent Medicine

In the adhering to paragraphs I will describe to you the pharmacological attributes of Propolis. Just before I do so I must make clear exactly where this evidence arrives from. All the qualities and actions of Propolis have been witnessed and in depth in scientific reports which have subsequently been revealed in journals. The bulk of these scientific research have been carried out in vitro (i.e. in a examination tube) or in vivo (i.e. in a host bestial for illustration rats), a much smaller sized proportion of these studies are clinical trials examined on human beings. The abstracts of these papers can be identified on the Medline and pubmed databases on the Internet.

Propolis: A natural antibiotic

Propolis is probably best recognized for its antibiotic attributes. Even as early as 1960 French1 study demonstrated the bacteriostatic motion on Bacillus subtilis, Proteus vulgaris and Bacillus alvei. The final results have been replicated many moments and Propolis has even been shown to be effective to MRSA2 Denzel Ward Jersey , the same antibiotic resistant bacteria that has infected up to 70% of our hospitals. A 1997 examine by Calder et al. at the University of Oxford concurred with these final results and discovered that the cinnaminic acids and flavanoids present in Propolis in particular display bacteriocidal action. This action thought to be as a consequence of Propolis uncoupling the bacterial vitality respiratory chain. Interestingly this action may possibly be concerned in a synergistic action with antibiotics when employed jointly, boosting the effectiveness of the medicines.

Anti-Viral and immuno-stimulatory

Viruses present a exclusive problem in the quest for great well being, they are not affected by antibiotics and mutate so frequently that vaccines are difficult to create. They also lead to illness by hijacking cells and making use of the cells equipment to replicate. Modern-day medicines aim to slow or cease the virus from the replicating and subsequently due to the fact they are attacking host cell equipment they have certain side results. Viruses probably pose the greatest danger to humans’ health, we are at the moment in the center of a HIV pandemic with “39.4 million” individuals contaminated globe extensive. With a Flu pandemic overdue and definitely on its way and predictions of world broad casualties and chaos Baker Mayfield Jersey , a resolution is needed.

The bioflavanoids in propolis have a unique method to combating Viruses, rather of making an attempt to fight them the moment they have infected a cell, they lock the virus in its protein coat. This means that the hazardous machinery and DNARNA of the virus is nullified and the infection stopped. Propolis has been proven to be far more efficient than the pharmaceutical anti-viral acyclovir in treating genital Herpes in a medical trial executed in the Ukraine4 and there is expanding proof that Propolis could assist treat folks with HIV5.

Propolis also works challenging as an immunomodulator which is of curiosity for all of us. It does this by altering the way cytokine production and release is managed. Cytokines are the chemical messengers that allow immune program cells to talk. By altering the cytokine program, it primes the immune method to be prepared to react to antigens speedily and efficiently.

Multiple healthcare journals have documented the action of propolis as a growth inhibitor for S. aureus.

Tracy is a medical nurse with many years of experience. She has special abilities in organic herbal alternative medicine Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys , specifically utilizing bee propolis and other bee outcomes.

melianature, melia propolis, melianature

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