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wholesale Rersonal canier

Our History
Anchises Technologies Co.,LTD was established in 1997 , devoted to the researchi , development , manufacturing and services of underground trackless mining equipment . identified by the state as one of Beijing’s high-tech enterprises . it boasts  the right of import and export .after more than ten years of development ,the company is ranked among the road’s most outstanding trackless equipment manufacturers.

The company has a professional technical center . providing complete experimental measures and testing ability and has established the “Ming Equipment Joint Research and Development Center”toge ther with USTR . it has incomparable talent advantages and imformation channels , agglomerates professional talents in researching and developing ,manufacturing and servicing underground mining equipment , boastes the experience of research and development of underground mining trucks and LHDs foe many years . we have successfully developed products of 62 specifications , independent intellectual property rights , core competitiveness and high cost oerformance .the company annually  invests 6% of sales income in research and development . presently  it has mor than ten proprietary in key technologies , six copyrights and nearly ten patent technologies
In the proess of providing quality equipment for the domestic and overseas mining industry , through our professional after-sales service team , and fast and sufficient spare parte supply , the company creates efficient value-added services for the user and provided whole sets of equipment for equipment foe excayation for excavation resolution and characterized products for the users of trolley equipment inside shafts .we believe no matter now or in the future ,anchises is your reliable partner .
Our Factory
It is one of the most modern enterprises in the underground trackless minning equipment industry integrating  independent research& development and design . manufacturing , sales and after-sales service , the company covers an area of 10000 square merers and its modern assembly  factory under construction covers an area of 50000 equre meters . which will manufacture up to 500 underground teackless minings equipments after it has been put into operation .
Our Product
We have a line-up of LHDs with bucker capacitiwes ranging from 1m3 to 6m3 , with electric motor and diesel engine options , and Low Profile Dump Trucks with hauling capacities ranging from 5000kg (11035ib) to 25000kg(55175ib).
We also have flame-proof LHD and flame-proof Underground Utility Trucks for high dendity of gas environments ,such as coal mines
The SinoMe ATY-5 Service and Utility Vehicles has a universal chassis that can accommodate easy and quick change variable service or utility cassettes .it is an ideal solution for underground operations needing the flexibility to meet a wide variety of service , transport , and utility requirements
Our Certificate

Product Application
Our Underground Trackless Vehicles are applicable for underground hard rock mines , and fit for tunnel widths ranging from 2m to 6m , Every vehicle model comes with a high altitude version capable of working in harsh environments located in areas in excess of 4500m above sea level
We also have flame-proof LHD for cleaning-up tunnels ,carrying heavy loads , rolling cables , and discharging slang ; and flame-proof Underground Utility Trucks for transporting materials and auxiliary transport .Our flame-proof Underground Trackless Vehicles are very applicable for high density of gas environment ,such as coal mines.
Our’s  service and Utility vehicles has a universal chassis that can accommodate easy and quick change variable service .transport and utility requirements
Production Market
Our products with good design and perfect after-sales services are exported to Chile, Peru, South Africa, India, Indonesia, central Asia, Russia and other areas. With the gradually expanding of local market, we establish special agencies and service center in some areas. Along with the increase in the export business, the international market has become one of our important strategic markets. We will service for global mining enterprises with better products and service.
Our service
In domestic China ,Anchises technologies Co.,Ltd , has a well established distribution and service network ,as well as a spare parts depot for the convenience of end-users
For overseas markets ,Anchises Technologies Co.,Ltd . trans and accredit specialized service engineers .at the present the company is capable of giving training in Chinese , English ,Spanish ,and Russian
Customer’s operations requests are satisfied ; pre-sales technical advisory work is always provided
Customer’s on-site debugging requests are always prioritized ; training and technical service is provided whenever needed
Spare parts used in an engine’s average life span is guaranteed to be in stock
Customers are visited twice a year for retraining service
Telephone technical support is provided at anytime
all inquiries and service requests are answered within 48 hours ; same goes too with on-site presence of the situationwholesale Rersonal canier



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